Our Story

100% Handmade in Canada

The coat of the Muskox contains two different types of fiber: the coarse, outer guard, and an inner, fine, soft and downy undercoat. The inner coat allows the animal to survive the extreme colds of the arctic - up to -50*C! 

Qiviut garments are handmade from the downy undercoat of the muskox. The primary characteristics of these garments are softness, lightness and exceptional warmth. 

Rare & Exotic

The Muskox (Ovibus Moscatus) is an Arctic animal which lives primarily in Canada's high arctic and Greenland. Muskoxen were over hunted in the 1900's, almost to the brink of extinction. The animal has been under Canadian Government protection since 1917. 

Because of hunting & protective measures, their numbers have since grown to an estimated population of 85, 000 animals. The harvesting of the animal is still strictly controlled by the government. 

Style & Quality

Qiviut garments make you feel as if you are wearing something lighter than a cloud. If you own a qiviut garment, you possess one of the finest and rarest garments on earth. 

All of our garments come in the choice of the following colors: natural, black, rust, forest green, and blue.

If our standard designs are not what you are looking for, let us know what you desire. We have talented designers that are willing to make your dream come alive.